Hypalon fabric

France ORCA®  Hypalon fabric for inflatable boats


Ultra violet light resistanceThanks to the exceptional characteristics of its outer layer which protects from ageing, ORCA® offers a wide range of light fast colours

Abrasion resistanceThe chemical formula of the Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) layer makes ORCA® very abrasive resistant.

Mechanical resistanceThe combination of a high tenacity fabric and an outstanding coating, gives ORCA® a very high level of mechanical resistance.

Hydrocarbon resistanceThanks to its outstanding quality and performance, ORCA® is highly recommended for antipollution barriers and oil recovery barges.

Extreme condition resistance The ORCA® product, intended for the leisure, professional or military markets, meets the highest requirements for safe navigation in the most extreme conditions.

Fire resistance Thanks to its rubber base, the ORCA® product retains all of its properties even when accidentally exposed to heat.

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